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The name's Kevin. I, along with like 90% of tumblr, am using this blog to screw around and post stupid photoedited garbage. I like to call myself a bit of a comedic writer, but that term is pretty loose. Anime nerd. Homestuck trash. Pony scum. General Stupidity. Intelligent Stupidity.


We got a ball pit for mechacon. Get ready!

dude you really think the hotel is just gonna be okay with you bringing a 17000 dollar attraction like this


Now I’m not one to criticize My Little Pony merchandise very often, but you have to start drawing some lines somewhere 


you stare long enough into the abyss…


T H E  A B Y S S  S T A R E S  B A C K


When they were originally avoiding Zecora they were paranoid that she’d use some spell that would cause them to become this.



Warning, this is a rant.

From what I understand Green(I’m calling these people by the color I marked their name and profile picture out with) was added into a Homestuck by another member. She had no clue what homestuck was and so she asked.
Instead of having people a lot of people trying to explain there were MANY people tell her to leave the group and were just rude to her , like Red,in general. There were only two people who explain what it was and very few who stood up for her.
This is just one example of what our fandom is like. This shit needs to stop. Not EVERYONE knows what homestuck is and not EVERYONE likes it. If they don’t know it about it then it’s not their fault, and if they don’t like it @ then that’s their opinion and you shouldn’t force your opinion on them. It’s is that simple! Since that basically covers the point, I’m going to cut this rant short.

To be honest Homestuck is already one of the most intimidating fandoms due to the massive amount of canon (that devolves into almost nothing but just a massive series of in-jokes by the time it gets to normal fan discussion) and the pretty specific requirements for cosplay. This really doesn’t give us a better rep.



One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.


No matter how many times I see this, I never fail to be impressed by that last sentence.

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Animating Windows 95 icons. 


Okay I saw this on the side of the dash so probably everyone else has as well, but does this remind anyone else of captchalogues?




Go serve the forces of good. Just make sure your boss’s boss isn’t hailing the nonprofit equivalent of Hydra.

4 Ways Hipster Activism Hurts the People It’s Trying to Help

#4. Being Exploited by Evil

See, idealistic, activist-y young folk are probably the most likely people to get scammed, because the one constant in this world is that any opportunity to make money will immediately be swarmed by a marauding band of vampiric squid-demons. One of the worst of these hellish cephalopods is Grassroots Campaigns Inc., a company that’s found a niche as the middleman between nonprofits and idealistic college kids. … GCI doesn’t actually pay either group. They pay the kids they hire minimum wage (or sometimes less, allegedly) while expecting them to work criminal fucking hours collecting donations. And then, once those donations are amassed, they rarely manage to find their way to the nonprofit they were collected for because, as a for-profit business, GCI is just better at screwing people over than a nonprofit ever will be.

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I feel like tumblr needs to read this

Yeah dummy that’s why we posted it

This has to be the best article I have read in a long time, especially in the context of tumblr.

Lauren Faust? The hell are you doing here?

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this sounds like the setup to some fox news joke

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The Ogre fanclass.

Here we have an Ogre of Heart, and an Ogre of life.

The Ogre class has the power to have layers.

This coincides with that Shrek fantroll post earlier. Ogarin Sawump approves.


"I just don’t know what went wrong."

-Derpy Hooves

The creation of the MLP fandom itself makes her one of the greatest writers in history.

A massive horde of people are accidentally created with the resolve to stand up against societal expectations. However, as time progresses the group becomes so massive that it begins to become unstable due to its sheer power, which leads to the creation of several “factions” that have to adapt to the problems of the whole. The divisions eventually become so great that the only thing that unites them is their original enjoyment of something that was never meant to create the sordid politics it has. All of this occurring while they are still trying to gain further power that is proving itself to be almost frivolous.

Sophocles doesn’t have shit on this.


3/10/12 - watercolor & gouache.

Profiles with long noses, why not. Gotta a lot of catch up to do. Interesting month!

Anonymous sent:
everytime i see you post on the mechacon tag i look at your icon and i'm like "bird hitler is at it again" i'm sure it's not supposed to look like hitler, but it just looks so evil and the stache just brings it out even more.

That’s no Hitler stache. The beak was meant to resemble a toucan beak, and toucan beaks often have that. Behold.


I guess I could redraw the beak to look a little less cynical and maybe I will in the future; but for now I promise I will not be seen at the Hilton as bird hitler. I will not make any promises that there will not be a bird hitler in attendance, but if you see one please bear in mind that they are an imposter.

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Well thats a little rude

i thought that sort of thing was illegal

so here’s my cosplay schedule for mecha along with some handy self-written feedback to accompany