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The name's Kevin. I, along with like 90% of tumblr, am using this blog to screw around and post stupid photoedited garbage. I like to call myself a bit of a comedic writer, but that term is pretty loose. Anime nerd. Homestuck trash. Pony scum. General Stupidity. Intelligent Stupidity.

Anonymous sent:
I'll miss you when you're not around ❤️

Thanks. That means a lot to me.

Also, I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m shaming or guilt tripping them by going on hiatus, but I just feel like a little break from this place might be what I need. And I’m going to be back after a little while; I promise.

It just so happens that this is my 999th post. I don’t know what my big 1000 return is gonna be but it’ll be big.

I think I’m going to take a break from tumblr for a while. I guess part of the reason is that now that Labor Day’s over school and everything’s going to get harder, but the majority of the reason is that this website has been really sort of pissing me off lately. I’m not going to go on some big dramatic rant or anything, but I can hardly stand this community sometimes.

Every time I come on here I feel like I see a post that vaguely insults who I am, whether it be that I’m male, straight, or a fan of MLP. I just constantly feel passive-aggressively picked on, and frankly I’m just over having to deal with it. (The worst is when they try to fling the “but it’s not you I’m trying to pick on!” excuse thinking that it justifies all of the shit I see.) It’s almost as if checking my dashboard is like counting the posts and seeing how many times I’m indirectly made out to be inferior to others. It’s no fun.

Whatever. I’m probably going to still check my dash occasionally or do a few small posts/reblogs, but not too much. I’ll probably be back during the Halloween shenanigans or if the Homestuck update happens, but I’m just going to ease up on this place for a few weeks. I’ll see ya’ll around.

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I can’t be the only one thinking of Dave when cr1tikal starts to rant

Based on this video

They’d say the same things, but remember that Dave’s only 13. He can’t have that deep a voice at 13.

no way i mean no fucking way, NO WON is that good..


Who were the main characters of No Game No Life again? I’m drawing a blank. 

How do you expect me to remember every detail? What do you think I have No LIfe?


Straight boys

I wonder how many people haven’t known what dirty talk is before.

"Crap the dirt on the lawn is really muddy and my shoes got ruined."

"Let’s not go further this sounds like this could turn into some fucking dirty talk."






One of the reasons your tuition is high and classes are getting cut.


fact checked and…apparently this is completely correct.

And people wonder and complain when I am “down” on sports.

Here’s the best part: the money that athletic teams make most often stay within the athletics department, but the universities still usually pay the coaches’ salaries.

  • taking money that could be used as student financial aid for football
  • the students that do play football usually get degrees that mean almost nothing after college, and most college players don’t go pro
  • often breeds assholes who are arrogant, mean-spirited, homophobes, and rape apologists
  • glorifies a very small group of men to godlike heights and essentially tells little boys “this is the only way you can be successful” (kind of like the whole barbie thing, but more affecting boys)
  • pretty soon i’m going to have to spend every day at school hearing mind-numbing bullshit about “fantasy drafts” or something (i go to an all-boys high school. yeah.)

i don’t want to say that american football is literally satan, but with the way it currently exists, american football is literally satan

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ahl wee had too dew wahs fahllow thee dahmn tren donkey

I can not believe how nobody else has noticed that Kobushi Kuroi and Lauren Faust are the exact same person.






why are dolls from the 1920’s-50’s always the ones that are haunted?? i wanna see a haunted anime love pillow

if we made this a movie, would it be a horror or hentai?

or both?


choo choo all aboard I’m fucking tired, train but can’t sleep

1st stop: Lying Awake for Twenty Minutes.

2nd stop: Eating something and then lying awake again.

3rd stop: Going on the Computer.

4th stop: Contemplating the Mysteries of Life.

5th stop: Stop 1. This train is a circle.


OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

ok but why are there so many specific chefs behind them?


I stopped at a gas station and this was the smallest coke they had.

Even though this is America, at least they’re using metric.

"Gallons of coke" is just a vaguely uncomfortable concept for some reason.


yesterday in sociology my teacher put a picture of jeff buckley on his powerpoint presentation and he asked if anyone knew who jeff buckley is and my hand sHOT UP, i was the only one who knew who he was…. smh

i remember one time in 7th grade i was in math class and i was zoning out bored as hell until i heard my teacher say “literally over 9000” while describing something and i’m sure it wasn’t even intentional but that second i was paying attention until the end of class. i am controlled by the memes.

Hey guys I just want to say sorry, because lately I’ve been acting like a huge douche about a lot of stuff. I guess I’ve just been pissed over school starting again and I might be just a little less patient about little annoyances on tumblr (i.e. flipping my shit about little things I don’t really care about.) But whatever, I still like this place a lot and I’m sorry if I’ve come across as a shithole lately.

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