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The name's Kevin. I, along with like 90% of tumblr, am using this blog to screw around and post stupid photoedited garbage. I like to call myself a bit of a comedic writer, but that term is pretty loose. Anime nerd. Homestuck trash. Pony scum. General Stupidity. Intelligent Stupidity.

Ah you’re on tumblr? I love that website! The way it just [clenches fist] creates new fucking memes without notice that I have to learn about through my dash and adapt to with no context whatsoever.

i don’t know if this has any meaning or not but manny’s expression here is exactly like the expression he made in DHMIS2 right before Tony’s “Let’s go on a journey” verse; it could almost be the same clip had the background not been a different color.

the club can’t even handle me right now

non-homestucks scrolling through their dashes right now like

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What is Don't hug me I'm scared about exactly?


Its not really about anything its just some youtube videos of cute little puppets singing cute little catchy songs and then end with a fun twist, that’s all

You might look at them and think that it’s just for little kids, but the videos are really well made and trust me they have some stuff that really sticks with you.


by Karla Becerra.

this update is the greatest thing i have ever read

Remember. You waited a year.

Sometimes you pause your famous webcomic for a year, and then your grand reopening is a lot of bad anime. On such occasions, when life hands you those kooky lemons, there is really only one thing you can say. Fuck lemonade. These lemons are incredible.
—Andrew Hussie (via insanekirby)


When Bobs Burgers makes fun of Bronies


I don’t even dislike this because of the show making a few jokes about it; a comedy show can have some things like this and that’s not an issue.

What’s bad about this is people have just another basis for their shitty stereotype to make fun of us. I see so many people, so many fucking times vilifying the MLP fandom when they don’t know shit about it. I get it; a lot of self-proclaimed bronies are annoying sometimes .I don’t even agree myself with the term “brony” because I want to dissociate myself from the negative parts of the fandom. That doesn’t give you the right to use that stereotype (or the Bob’s Burgers parody, for example) to make fun of something you yourself aren’t a part of. There’s a border between “good-natured jokes” and “just being mean,” and tumblr’s view of MLP is pretty fuckin’ mean. It’s no better than the people who pick on us because they think MLP is “girly” and “gay.”

Basically, it’s fine to make a few jokes about something, but it’s not fine to use other’s jokes as your own mouthpiece for being plain ole mean. Just don’t be a dick; it’s that simple.

alternate universe


never forget...

no but this whole “the servers aren’t big enough” thing reminds me of the time a few months ago i was at a con. the homestuck panel was supposed to be in one of the two smaller panel rooms, but on saturday night a flash mob of homestucks appeared and there was like 3x the capacity of the small room, so we all had to wait for like 20 minutes while the con literally changed scheduling and planning made months in advance just to accomodate us.

it is like the homestuck fandom is the most perpetually underestimated thing in the universe

baby: f-f-f-f
mother: fun? finger? funny?
baby: five oh three service unavailable